Clarice Jewellery Gift Voucher - £50.00


Introducing the Clarice Jewellery gift voucher. Each voucher purchased is redeemable for the price shown in the title.

A unique code is written on each voucher that can be redeemed at the checkout. There is no time restraint on the voucher and it can be used multiple times if the order placed is less than the value of the voucher.

Once an order is placed the voucher will be filled out and can be sent straight to the recipient or to the customer placing the order. When placing an order at the checkout please state -

* The name of the recipient
* Who the voucher is from
*Any other details you would like to include
* The address the voucher is to be sent to if it differs from the billing address.


- Clarice Jewellery uses Paypal to process online payments.
- Stripe checkout is used for securely processing all major credit cards.
- All items are thoughtfully wrapped and sent securely in either small jewellery boxes or protected large letter packets.

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